Foundation Board Members

The BCS Foundation board consists of volunteers from the school community.
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NameRoleMember SinceEmail
NameRoleMember SinceEmail
Albert Chan Technology Committee, Parent 2014 
Andrea Morokutti Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2012 
Cecily Zhang Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2014 
Christine Kani Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2015 
Chris Welborn Co-Treasurer, Parent 2015 
Gambhir Kaushek Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2016 
Gerri Bock Co-Vice Chair, Parent 2015 
Kim Monsalve Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2016 
Laura Gwosden Chair, Parent 2012 
Lee Levy Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2014 
Liping Zhu Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2015 
Lisa Collart Technology Committee, Parent 2014 
Lisa Yu Co-Treasurer, Parent 2016 
Louise Tsoi Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2016 
Michelle Wong Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2013 
Panida Ting Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2014 
Peter Jewett Finance Committee, Parent 2012 
Rachelle Mirkin Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2016 
Stef Lau-Chen Annual Campaign Committee, Parent 2014 
Susan Hayward Technology Committee, Parent 2015 
Vivian Lufkin Co-Vice Chair, Parent 2016 
Showing 21 items