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The BCS Foundation is proud to announce that proceeds from the 19th annual BCS Benefit will underwrite field trips for BCS learners at every grade level, including the overnight trips to Gold Country (4th grade) and Camp Campbell/Outdoor School (5th grade).

Field Trip FAQs

What has changed?

In prior years, funds for field trips were collected by the Bullis Boosters Club on a class by class basis. Going forward, field trips that occur during the normal course of a BCS school day (sometimes referred to as “programmatic field trips”) will be supported by the BCS Foundation as part of our annual contribution to Bullis Charter School. This includes any local, during-the-school-day-only trips, as well as overnight trips to Gold Country for 4th grade and Camp Campbell for 5th grade. It does not include other overnight travel trips that may be offered as an additional experience to BCS learners. Additional travel trips will continue to be managed separately.


What is the benefit of the change?

By rolling field trips into the Foundation's financial contribution to Bullis Charter School, the school can produce a more even experience of field trips across all grade levels.  Teachers can plan their trips earlier, make reservations & secure buses knowing that the funding is guaranteed by the BCS Foundation. Ideally BCS TK-5th grade classes will now experience at least 3 field trips per year, and BCS Middle School students will experience at least 2 field trips each year. 


Is a donation required for my child to participate in field trips?

No. The BCS Foundation is a separate 501c3 not-for-profit organization that provides financial support to Bullis Charter School. All contributions to the Foundation are completely voluntary and any family’s ability or choice to contribute, or not, will in no way affect their child's experience at Bullis Charter School.


Will all BCS parents be invited to donate?

Yes! We hope that all BCS parents find value in supporting field trips for BCS learners. All BCS parents will be encouraged to support field trips by attending the BCS Benefit, by bidding in the silent and live auctions, and by making 100% tax-deductible donations directly to the fund online or through our fund-a-need paddle raise. In addition to these efforts, we are asking that 4th & 5th grade families make a special contribution of $450 per learner to offset the cost of the overnight trips to gold country and outdoor school.


Why is there a higher suggested contribution only for 4th & 5th grade learners?
In addition to several local field trips, our 4th and 5th grade classes go on overnight field trips to Gold Country and Camp Campbell, respectively. These experiences are an important part of our learners’ educational journey at BCS! However, it costs approximately $50,000 for each grade-level overnight field trip - this combined expense is more than half of the school’s entire annual field trip budget!  So, we suggest a special contribution of $450 per 4th & 5th grade learner which is approximately the cost of one child’s participation in these overnight trips.


Is my contribution supporting this year's field trips?

Yes. Like with the annual campaign, the BCS Foundation raises funds for programs and operations within the current school year. Essentially, your donation will help offset the expenses already incurred by the school & Foundation for this year's trips. 

Have parents always been asked to contribute to field trips?

Yes, with the exception of a few COVID-19 years, BCS parents have always generously donated to offset the cost of field trips. While the requested amounts have varied year to year, they are typically tied to the expected expense. For the 22/23 school year that is $100 per learner for grades TK-3 & 6-8 and and $450 per learner for 4th & 5th grades.

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