As a not-for-profit, public charter school BCS receives public funding, however, the those funds do not fully cover the expense of educating our students. In fact, BCS receives less federal and state funding and less of the local property and parcel taxes than other local public schools. The BCS Foundation raises funds from generous parents and community members to cover this funding gap. Currently, the BCS Foundation supports approximately 30-40% of Bullis Charter School's operating budget through tax-deductible donations to our Annual Campaign.

Because of differences in funding formulas for public charter schools vs many traditional public schools, Bullis Charter School experiences a Public Funding Gap of $5,600 per student for the most recent audited school year. During the 2019-20 school year, for example, it will cost approximately $14,600 to educate each BCS student, comparable to that of Los Altos School District (LASD) elementary schools. However, as a public charter school BCS expects to receive 67% of funding from public sources.  In contrast, LASD expects to receive more than 90% of funding from public sources.


Despite these funding challenges and spending less than many other local public elementary schools, Bullis Charter School continues to offer its students a top rated, child focused, innovative education.  Almost 85% of Bullis Charter School’s operating expenses support teacher and staff salaries, teacher training, books and supplies. Charitable donations ensure that every BCS student has a chance to code, play math games, learn a language, sing, act, problem solve and develop a lifelong love of learning.


Join us in preserving and protecting this award winning school by making a donation today! Every dollar makes a difference to the future of Bullis Charter School.

"I give to the foundation because of all the opportunities BCS affords its students.  The diverse offerings allow all students to find a place to succeed and fail.  They learn as much, if not more, from their failures and then use those lessons the next time they are challenged and define success on their own terms." 


How is Bullis Charter School Funded?

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