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Count Me In Parties


The BCS Foundation is proud to present these wonderful events hosted by community members! These parties provide our community with a variety of safe and fun opportunities to connect while raising funds for Bullis Charter School!


If you have any questions about the parties listed below, or if you'd like to host a CMI if your own, please email

Rockin' Rager.jpg

                                                       Saturday, October 1st, 7:00pm
                                                                          $100 per guest, adults only

Come support BCS while reliving your college days at the “Rockin’ Rager” - featuring the band Night Train! They will be playing the best rock from the 80’s, 90’s and today, and there will be plenty of tacos paired with college drinks and games!


When: Saturday 10/1/22, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Where: 1335 Oakhurst Ave. in Los Altos
Who: you and all your friends, do spread the word!

Thank you to our Hosts: Kristin & Russ Nord, Jan & Nik Baer, Grace & David Lam, Trenna Sutcliffe & Sanj Dutta, Elaine Kao & Jesse Savage, Neysa & David Fligor, Demetra & Blaine Bell, Tina & Ken Ashcraft, Jolee & Ben Crosson, Alisa & Joe Dolby

Rockin' Rager

A Count Me In Party (CMI) is an event /party/experience planned, hosted & paid for by BCS families, but offered to the BCS community through the BCS Foundation as a fundraiser. 


CMI’s can be as creative as you like. Here is a glimpse of past Count Me In events for a little inspiration:

Adults Only (ooh, already sounds like fun!) - Margarita Moms, Poker Night, College Kegger, Magical Mediterranean Nights, Laugh Out Loud, Havana Nights, Bocce + Wine + S'mores, Passport to World Cuisine, Bollywood Sensations, Ridge Vineyards Lunch & Wine Tasting, Art of Sushi Making, Yoga & Mimosa


Kids - Kids' Carnival, Gingerbread Making, Bullis Bear's Day Off, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Jam, Sundaes 

on Sunday, Family Camp Out, Drive-in Movie Night

Many people team up to host a CMI which makes them affordable to host. A CMI should also be affordable to buy. We recommend $50 - $150 per ticket.

To learn more about Count Me In Parties, simply email with your questions or ideas!

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